This is what Chris said about our Currier Museum of Art Zoom presentation:

Thank you so much for the art program presented through the Currier. I did enjoy the different perspectives one isn’t aware of when just looking but not being aware of the subtitles of a piece.

I plan to visit soon!


This is what Priscilla said about our “I AM A MUSLIM WOMAN” event:

The Interfaith meeting last night was a very interesting one.  The material presented and shared by the women gave us a great deal of information we can research for our own knowledge.  Each of the ladies did an excellent job of presenting and sharing their life as a Muslim woman.  They gave us much to ponder. 

In my opinion, the most powerful slide was the last set where the audio was a prayer chanted in their language and the visual was an English translation. This presented the universal need to communicate with God. Reminds me of the days when we went to mass and everything was in Latin.  We heard and probably read the prayers but did not fully appreciate the beauty of what was being prayed.

May God bless all of the members of the committee for their service to create an environment that encourages respect for all people.